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Community Blogs

Physiology Blogs

Community Blogs are a place where education experts and our community leaders share with you the tips, tricks, and information you need to excite and inspire your science teaching. Blogs can be read by anyone but you need to be a registered LifeSciTRC user to comment.

Read physiology educators' perspectives on educational issues including education transformation, developing and using core concepts and competencies, using evidence-based innovations in student centered learning, aligning teaching and assessment, building educational research skills, facilitating educational research collaboration, and publishing and funding educational research.

APS Undergraduate Researcher
Learn more about the contributions of undergraduates to physiology and what it means to work in a research lab and become a budding scientist. This blog is authored by past APS undergraduate summer research fellows who spent the summer in the lab of an established scientist and APS member.

PhUn Week Blog
Learn more about PhUn Week a nationwide outreach program that builds connections between scientists and their local schools. PhUn Week fosters grassroots partnerships between biomedical researchers and K-12 teachers and is carried out into classrooms by “citizen scientists” composed of a senior researcher along with his or her undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral students. Join the PhUn Week community!