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Physiology Understanding (PhUn) Week: The Five P’s of working with a K-12 Educator - PhUn Week Poster Session EB 2014

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Description Participating in Physiology Understanding (PhUn) Week, a national science outreach program of the American Physiological Society, provided a great opportunity to introduce and enhance middle school student’s understanding of physiology. Beyond that, PhUn Week also helped foster local connections between physiologist and K-12 educators. In 2013, over 400 seventh graders from Clara Driscoll and E.T. Wrenn Middle Schools in San Antonio, Texas participated in PhUn Week activities. To deliver an enriching and successful PhUn week program, it was absolutely necessary to communicate and work side-by-side with the several teachers at each middle school. Here, I describe the five “P’s” of working with teacher that came out of the 2013 PhUn Week events: Partner, Participate, Plan, Prepare, and Process. Partner with a local K-12 educator and commit to working with each other. Participate in discussions with the teacher to outline the expectations for the event, define each other’s role and agree on the day/time to conduct PhUn Week. Plan physiology activities that meet the student’s learning objectives and the educator’s teaching concepts. Prepare small group, hands-on, engaging physiology activities appropriate for the student’s level of ability and approved by the educator. Process the results of the event and obtain the educator’s input and specific feedback on what did/didn’t work during PhUn week. The success of Driscoll and Wrenn PhUn week events depended on the partnership, participation, planning, preparation, and processing between the physiologist and the teachers from each middle school. The five P’s offer a guideline for working with a K-12 educator in your area during PhUn week.
Type of Resource Meeting Presentation
Format Portable Document Format - PDF - 9.38 MB
Jessica Ibarra, University of the Incarnate Word
Development Date April 27, 2014
Grade/Age Level Continuing Education
National Science
Educational Standards
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry (K-12), Structure and function in living systems (5-8), Understandings about scientific inquiry (K-12)
Learning Time <=1 hour
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed By Staff
Review Date March 5, 2015
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