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Jeopardy Application Exercise on Basic Nutrition, Exercise, Obesity, and Lifestyle Changes

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PowerPoint Presentation (2007)
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4.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings.
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Description The following application exercise was designed to provide students a fun and engaging way to review multiple aspects of nutrition, exercise physiology, life-style modification, and various aspects of preventative health. The application exercise requires students to review a predefined amount of information prior to the in-class session. This application exercise was specifically designed for first year medical school students and was presented during the cardiovascular-respiratory module of our presentation based curriculum. This application exercise was specifically designed to work with version 5.3 of TurningPoint. This application exercise can easily be modified for other topics including physiology, biochemistry, and anatomy.
Type of Resource Assessment: exam w/o answer key, Assignment/Activity (Non-Laboratory/Non-Hands on Activity), Digital Presentation (Powerpoint)
Format PowerPoint Presentation (2007) - PPTX
Technical Note This application requires Turning Point version 5.3. Instructions for how to use this resource: The following application exercise is set-up with hyperlinks which link directly from the game board to the actual question, following the fastest responder slide, the user clicks on the “back” arrow which will take them back to actual game board. Completed questions will then appear in a different color to indicate that they have been completed. The user then repeats this until all the categories are complete. To finish the game, the user clicks on final jeopardy. The next few slides will then ask the students to wager their points followed by the final jeopardy question. At the conclusion of the game the final results are displayed in a table.
Development Date November 24, 2014
Grade/Age Level Professional (degree program)
Medical Objectives
in Physiology
Exercise, Exercise (see also Integration), Metabolism
Learning Time 2-3 hours
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed By LifeSciTRC Board
Review Date March 19, 2015
Funding Source None
Suggested Use

This is an application exercise in a game format designed to review various aspects of nutrition, exercise physiology and life-style modification after students are first given information to review.  By answering multiple choice questions, the students are able to assess their understanding of the particular course materials in an applied format.  A primary focus is on dietary considerations, obesity, lifestyle modifications, effects of certain diets on metabolism, and exercise recommendations and clasifications.  


Andrew Roberts, University of Louisville

This jeopardy game covers various topics related to exercise, nutrition, and cardiovascular health.  It includes numerous in depth questions and several of the questions and/or answers are long and somewhat complicated and would seem to require more time to answer than typical jeopardy questions.  The sound effects for the daily double were very authentic!

Kim Huey, Drake University

This could be a useful and fun review activity for students. It could easily be modified to closely mirror course content and would be enjoyed by most students.

Anna Stanhewicz, The University of Iowa


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