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The PULSE Vision & Change Rubrics

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Description The PULSE Vision & Change Rubrics articulate fundamental criteria for evaluating the level of adoption of the principles of Vision and Change in life science departments. The rubric descriptors designate different levels of adoption of Vision & Change principles from first steps to full departmental transformation. The rubrics initially can provide a structure for departmental reflection and self-assessment and discussion regarding a host of topics relevant to program transformation. The utility of the PULSE Vision & Change Rubrics is to provide a basic framework of expectations, such that evidence of adoption of Vision & Change principles can be gathered and self-assessed by departments and a roadmap for continued transformation can be plotted. Ultimately, the rubrics are intended to serve as the basis for a tiered certification program for undergraduate life science departments that have adopted some or all of the principles outlined in the Vision & Change report and a blueprint for change in departments that have not yet adopted those principles. These rubrics are designed for flexible use by undergraduate life science departments at a broad range of institution types including two-year colleges, four-year liberal arts institutions, regional comprehensive institutions and research institutions. The core expectations articulated in the PULSE Vision & Change Rubrics can and should be translated into the language of individual departments and institutions, in order to evaluate and expedite departmental transformation in the context of each institution. An institution of any type should be able to achieve each level of certification.
Type of Resource Teaching Strategies & Guidelines
Format Portable Document Format - PDF
PULSE, Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education
Development Date December 1, 2013
Grade/Age Levels Undergraduate lower division (Grades 13-14)
Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16)
Continuing Education
Learning Time <=1 hour
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed By Staff
Review Date December 2, 2013
Suggested Use

This resource contains a variety of rubrics developed by PULSE, a committee supported by the NSF, HIH/NIGMS, and HHMI that use the  Vision and Change core concepts and competencies to assess of undergraduate programs in the life sciences. The rubrics not only evaluate curriculum, but also faculty practice and support, infractructure, the institutional, administrative, and departmental climate for change.  I think these would be very useful as goals and milestones for programs to reach and would serve as good discussion points.  The could be used as a roadmap for departments and institutions to move towards integrating Vision and Change core concepts and competencies.  Having participated in numerous program reviews, I think these would be very helpful to generate discussion, to be reminded of best practices, and to to serve as a springboard for launching new initiatiives. The rubrics can be adapted to different institutions.

cindy surmacz, Bloomsburg University


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