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Case Study: While you were sleeping...

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Description A case study designed for undergraduate biology majors enrolled in a two semester A&P course on an aspect of respiratory physiology. The case study on Obstructive Sleep Apnea is intended to stimulate critical thinking on the part of the students and to assist students in understanding the role of the chemoreceptors and their influence on the respiratory center in the medulla oblongata.
Type of Resource Assignment/Activity (Non-Laboratory/Non-Hands on Activity), Database, Discussion Group/Listserv, Journal
Format Portable Document Format - PDF
Jeannette Hafey, Springfield College
Development Date May 24, 2010
Grade/Age Levels Undergraduate lower division (Grades 13-14)
Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16)
Learning Time 4-6 hours
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed By LifeSciTRC Board
Review Date October 18, 2010
Funding Source None
Suggested Use

Good case on sleep apnea. Wish the title was more descriptive so I didn't have to open it to see what it was about.

Jason LaPres, Lone Star College - University Park

This study is a good example of using problem-based learning to reinforce the principles of respiratory physiology. It uses a medical concern that is regularly mentioned in over-the-counter treatment advertisements. Many students have likely heard of sleep apnea so the case study can be used to add relevancy to the A&P curriculum.

Brian Shmaefsky, Lone Star College - Kingwood


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