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Computer simulation of Human Physiology

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Description http://Justphysiology.com is a browser based computer simulation of human physiology. This includes individual Laboratories and Lessons with multiple simulations with questions, feedback and grading. Simulations cover CV, renal, respiratory, endocrine, autonomic nervous system, metabolism, exercise and environmental physiology.
Type of Resource Assessment: exam with answer key, Assessment: tool, Online Tool, Simulation, Software
Format Web Page - HTML
Robert Hester, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Development Date February 15, 2017
Grade/Age Levels Undergraduate lower division (Grades 13-14)
Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16)
Professional (degree program)
Continuing Education
Medical Objectives
in Physiology
Acid-base balance, Adrenal gland, Alveolar ventilation, Arterial pressure and circulation, Autonomic nervous system, Body fluids, Brainstem reflexes, Cardiac output and venous return, Cerebral, splanchnic and cutaneous circulation, Cerebrovascular system, Endocrine integration of energy and electrolyte balance, Exercise, Exercise (see also Integration), Functions and regulation of GI tract, General principles, Glomerular filtration rate and renal hemodynamics, Integrative and Pathophysiological Aspects, Metabolism, Na+ balance and regulation of extracellular fluid volume, Oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, Pulmonary circulation, Pulmonary gas exchange, Regulation of arterial pressure, Renal clearance, Respiratory control, Thermoregulation, Urine concentration and dilution
Learning Time <=1 hour
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed By LifeSciTRC Board
Review Date April 13, 2017
Funding Sources National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation
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