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Circulatory Physiology as a Country Doc. Episode 1: Hemodynamics

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Description This is the first of three episodes in the Circulatory Physiology Series. Each episode starts with a case where the student finds himself or herself in the imaginary world of a Country Doctor who is called upon to manage a clinical problem related to a 50-minute lecture given by the author to First Year Medical Students. Video tapes of these lectures are divided into short segments which are interwoven with relevant chapters of the author’s ebook, “Medical Physiology of the Heart-Lung-Kidney.” This episode is introduced with the case of a girl in hemorrhagic shock from a ruptured spleen. A physiologic conversation between a country doctor and the nurse touches upon circulatory, respiratory, and renal physiology. Note:  This PDF version of the program will not allow the reader access to short movies, lecture videos, or self-assessment quizzes.  Those additional resources are only available in the iBook version for $2.99 in the iBook Apple Store. 
Type of Resource Assignment/Activity (Non-Laboratory/Non-Hands on Activity), Book Chapter, Lecture / Lecture Outline / Lecture Notes
Format Portable Document Format - PDF - 12.17 MB
Development Date February 12, 2015
Grade/Age Levels Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16)
Professional (degree program)
Medical Objectives
in Physiology
Arterial pressure and circulation, Hemostasis and injury, hemorrhage, shock, Regulation of arterial pressure
Learning Time 2-3 hours
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed By LifeSciTRC Board
Review Date March 10, 2017
Funding Source None
Suggested Use

I read through the hemodynamics pdf, and the story line will be useful to put complex physiology into a ‘real world’ framework that will likely engage students.

This is a very comprehensive and informative instruction aide, that likely does not need the accompanying video to be effective. I think this material is more than sufficient for an undergraduate audience, even if they are predominantly pre-med. Some of the initial figures were a bit low quality and hard to interpret, but these will be improved. Otherwise, I think this is a high quality piece that would fit perfectly in an undergraduate level anatomy/physiology course.

Mike Wyss, UAB


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