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Glycolysis Concept Map

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Description Biochemical concept map that explores glycolysis and anaerobic respiration.
Type of Resource Assignment/Activity (Non-Laboratory/Non-Hands on Activity)
Format Portable Document Format - PDF
Kristin Rosler, Johnson & Wales University
Development Date February 9, 2016
Grade/Age Levels High School upper division (Grades 11-12)
Undergraduate lower division (Grades 13-14)
Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16)
National Science
Educational Standards
Matter, energy, and organization in living systems (9-12), The cell (9-12)
Learning Time <=1 hour
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed By LifeSciTRC Board
Review Date May 17, 2016
Funding Source None
Suggested Use

This glycolysis concept map is  a smart way of reviewing glycolysis. The students can easily and very visually review the pathway by entering each term in the approppriate space in the map. Easy to use and helpful. This is a great tool to make complicated metabolism pathways something more managable and attractive to students.

Carmen De Miguel, University of Alabama at Birmingham


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