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Eye Can Learn About Physiology through PhUn Week-PhUn week Poster session EB 2015

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Description The city of San Antonio has a high prevalence of vision problems, some of them which may be preventable with proper nutrition. Thus, we decided to introduce and enhance understanding of the eye during PhUn Week. We developed a collection of hands-on vision physiology activities specifically for middle school students. Over 500 middle school students in San Antonio, Texas participated in several 10 minute activities that we developed during PhUn Week. The activities included examining the parts of the eye looking up close at cow eye specimens and a human eye anatomical model to make functional correlates for each structure examined. We further evaluated the integrity of this functional system by demonstration of pupils responding to light, finding their blind spot, showing them x-ray vision, and shifting images. During the 45 minute session the students were also given a presentation describing the eye safety, common diseases of the eye, and contained a discussion on eye nutrition. As a result, many students gained a greater understanding of the eye, how it works, its importance, and the link between good nutrition and healthy eyesight. These activities also highlighted for students the impact of physiology in their daily lives – to sense the world around them. In conclusion, because of PhUn week, we were able to deliver innovative vision physiology activities at middle school in our San Antonio community.
Type of Resource Meeting Presentation
Format Portable Document Format - PDF
Maria Lourdes Alarcon Fortepiani, University of the Incarnate Word
Jessica Ibarra, University of the Incarnate Word
Development Date March 29, 2015
Grade/Age Levels Intermediate elementary (Grades 3-5)
Middle School (Grades 6-8)
National Science
Educational Standard
Structure and function in living systems (5-8)
Learning Time <=1 hour
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed By Staff
Review Date June 15, 2015
Funding Source None
Suggested Use