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Community Forums - LifeSciTRC Scholars and Fellows - Students and Use of Electronic Resources- Lee Teevan

A discussion forum for participants of the LifeSciTRC Scholars and Fellows Programs. If you would like to contribute to the forums or to change your subscription, please log in to the left.

I think students are more engaged when using digital resources in the classroom.  The objective of the instruction using digital resources should be clear to the students and the teacher should be available for any needed clarification. My students are at ease using computers and enjoy the break from the usual pace of the classroom lecture.  If used well, digital resources have the potential to improve student achievement.  The teacher has to make sure that the task is well-designed and relevant to the instructional objectives.

Some of the challenges I have experienced with using digital resources with my students are not having enough working laptops and trying to log on… and finding out that the server is down!

This thread was posted on May 15, 2016 at 8:00 PM ET by lee teevan.
  |   7 Replies   |   Last on 6/27/2020 at 9:27 AM ET
Re: Students and Use of Electronic Resources

We have some of the same problems with wifi access at our school and are in the process of re-evaluating the wifi network - in terms of strength, consistency etc.  We want to have each classroom equipped with a set of  student laptops or tablets.   I find as we go forward in the evaluation process in terms of type of tablets etc. and technological needs we need an individual that not only understand technology but is experienced in the different education platforms, google school community etc. and understands the education side of the technology picture in terms of teacher needs etc.  We are fortunate to have an individual who is both an educator and a technology expert advising and helping us. As we move forward this is the type of person we will need to hire in order for teachers to be trained and to keep us up-to-date. 

This was posted on May 15, 2016 at 9:42 PM ET by Robin Cowen.
Re: Re: Students and Use of Electronic Resources

In my district, we actually implemented a "Power Up" campaign in which all high school students were assigned a student laptop to be used throughout the duration of the year. This is preferable to having a class-set of laptops because then we avoid the issue of computers losing charge and dying from period to period in classrooms where there are insufficient outlets. Personally, I have been using schoology frequently over the past year and find it to be a great online platform for incorporating technology in the classroom.

This was posted on May 16, 2016 at 1:46 PM ET by Jazz Etter.
Re: Students and Use of Electronic Resources- Lee Teevan

Yes, we have problems occasionally with web servers not available.  Very disappointing!  I have switched to doing online activities for homework and allowing a few days between for students who have problems to email/work those out.  We have an activity period on Wed and Fri so students can come in then and use our laptops.

We have 16 laptops in  a cart and about 24 students, so we don't have 1:1.  I would appreciate some feedback from those of you who  have an effective sharing computer strategy.  

This was posted on May 18, 2016 at 5:21 PM ET by Andrea Cobb.
Re: Re: Students and Use of Electronic Resources- Lee Teevan

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Re: Students and Use of Electronic Resources- Lee Teevan

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Re: Students and Use of Electronic Resources- Lee Teevan

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Re: Students and Use of Electronic Resources- Lee Teevan

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