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Community Forums - Physiology Majors Interest Group (P-MIG)

The Physiology Majors Interest Group (P-MIG) is a consortium of undergraduate programs in Physiology. We aim to have an open dialogue among peer programs in Physiology about how to: 1) best serve our students in these programs with outstanding curricula and advising, and 2) share ideas and best practices among the faculty/advisors of the P-MIG. If you would like to contribute to the forums, please log in to the left.

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P-MIG hosts symposium at EB2015
Welcome to P-MIG!!  We are hosting a symposium at EB2015 called What's Your Major? The Rise of the Undergraduate Physiology Degree" that covers the following topics:   1. Undergraduate degrees in Physiology - Is this a rebirth of the field or something different? 2. The Physiology Curriculum - What should be in at the undergraduate level, and what should be out? 3.  What methods are used to teach large and small physiology courses? 4.  Physiology career advising - Wh
1 Reply   |   Last on 4/4/2015 at 12:03 PM ET