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Teacher-Recommended Collection: Obesity and Metabolism

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Description Collection Description
This is a collection of research papers, review articles, video clips, and online resources that will allow students to understand the role of hormones in the control of digestion, metabolism and the development of diabetes and obesity. Several papers give data obtained from small animals and human/student subjects. Thus students can review the experiments, analyze and interpret the data to understand the physiological mechanisms and generate concept maps to show the relationship between different biological systems.

Describe how this collection was used.
The information is this collection was used by instructors to supplement the lectures, generate class activity and conduct "dry-labs" in order to help students understand the role of hormones in digestion, in the regulation of metabolism and in the development of diabetes and obesity.

Describe who used this collection (classroom, laboratory, education level, etc).
Upper level undergraduate and graduate students used this collection both in lectures and in the laboratories.

Describe how this collection works.
Several papers in this collection contain data from research experiments. As it is not easy to conduct animal and/or human experiments with college students, the data can be used by the students. Groups of students can use this information to analyze the cases, explain it to each other and derive their own conclusions.

Please enter suggestions for colleagues.
Instructors will get good background information from the resources in this collection. Role playing will provide active learning to the students! The class can be divided into several groups and the students can act as if they conducted these experiments, i.e. test and control. Each group can focus on one aspect, present it in class and ask questions to each other in order to generate active student learning.

Type of Resource Annotated Collection
Format Multiple Formats
Nuran Kumbaraci, Stevens Institute of Technology
Grade/Age Levels Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16)
Learning Time <=1 hour
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed by Partner Organization

Resources in Collection
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Web Site Links
Body Mass Index (BMI)
This is a video clip compares the BMI of different body heights and weights.
Calculation of BMI
This site can be used by students to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index)
Online resources for case studies at the university of Buffalo. It has several case studies on diets, diabetes and obesity.
Obesity and Leptin
This site has several video clips and animations about the role of leptin in obesity


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