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Teacher-Recommended Collection: Chick Morphogenesis

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Description Collection Description
A collection of resources to help students understand vertebrate morphogenesis and body folding.

Describe how this collection was used.
I have done this as a demo in class and then let the students do it as homework. I have done it with students in both lecture and lab times. I have had the students start it with the video in lab, and then finish it at home. Some people take longer than others.

Describe who used this collection (classroom, laboratory, education level, etc).
I have used this with undergraduates and medical students.

Describe how this collection works.
There is a video showing an instructor doing the paper exercise for students who follow video better than print instructions. The print instructions are also attached.

Please enter suggestions for colleagues.
You need blue, yellow and pink paper for each student, and tape and a stapler to share between a few students. I think it works best if you cut the paper in half lengthwise. Make one yourself before you teach it, or have a student work through it and teach it.

Type of Resource Annotated Collection
Format Web Page - HTML
Diana Darnell, University of Arizona
Grade/Age Levels High School upper division (Grades 11-12)
Undergraduate lower division (Grades 13-14)
Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16)
Professional (degree program)
Learning Time <=1 hour
Language English
Type of Review Reviewed by Partner Organization

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I liked how the reviewing teacher went through a lot of examples with how she gave it to students.  The film was helpful to me as an educator to understand how cells become determined at a young stage in life what they are going to develop into.  This activity seems to be appropriate for high-level high scool and college and although the teacher let the reader know what grade level they taught, this was targeting all ages.  It would be helpful if it was made known that it could be a resource for teachers but not necessarily appropriate for all levels of students.

—Meghan Wilson, Hartford High School