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Physiology Educator Community Page

Physiology Educator Community

PECOP is a community for individuals at any academic level who are excited about physiology education. Our goals are to:

  • Support physiology educators at all levels
  • Encourage physiology educators to explore and engage in evidence-based scientific teaching, scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL), and discipline based education research (DBER)
  • Empower physiology educators to become leaders in physiology education reform efforts
  • Catalyze collaboration among physiology educators in education and research to enhance student learning

To join the community, simply select "PECOP Member" in your user profile and then introduce yourself on the discussion board. There is no application process or membership fee...everyone is welcome to participate.



Read physiology educators' perspectives on educational issues including education transformation, developing and using core concepts and competencies, using evidence-based innovations in student centered learning, aligning teaching and assessment, building educational research skills, facilitating educational research collaboration, and publishing and funding educational research.

  • Boredom, the Evil Destroyer of Motivation vs. Inquiry, the Motivation Maker
    Students have an innate desire to learn and more learning takes place when doing rather than when listening. (4)  This begins in pre-school and kindergarten when children have fun while learning by playing with blocks, coloring, drawing, etc.  This is their first experience with active learning.  But then as education progresses through grade school, high […]

  • Critical thinking or traditional teaching for Health Professions?
    “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”- Albert Einstein” A few years ago I moved from a research laboratory to the classroom. Until then, I had been accustomed to examine ideas and try to find solutions by experimenting and challenging the current knowledge in certain areas. However, […]

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