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Featured Items
Genetics Research Project Laboratory: A Discovery-Based Undergraduate Research Course

Looking for a resource that brings a meaningful research experience to your classroom? This semester-long laboratory utilizes the course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) model to help students develop core competencies and review genetics concepts. Two example lab manuals are offered, one using Drosophila mutants in mitochondrial function and one using Arabidopsis hormone mutants.
The Promoting Active Learning & Mentoring (PALM) Network is currently accepting applications from members of GSA, ASCB, and ASPB who want to collaborate with an experienced mentor to implement active learning in their classrooms. Application deadline June 15, 2016.   Learn More »
Apply now to take part in the Promoting Active Learning & Mentoring (PALM) Network. GSA, ASCB, and ASPB will help members of the three societies to implement active learning in their classrooms, by pairing them with an experienced mentor and supporting their collaboration.   Learn More »
OLC Digital Learning Innovation Award recognizing higher ed faculty-led teams and institutions for advancing student success through adoption of digital courseware. Applications due June 30.   Learn More »
APS Institute on Teaching and Learning for physiology educators, June 20-24 in Madison, WI.   Learn More »
Whether new to active learning, or a pro at Vision & Change, The Allied Genetics Conference, July 13-17, has workshops and posters for you!   Learn More »
Teaching and Learning National Institute: Using Evidence for Improvement, July 31–August 3 at The Evergreen State College. Applications accepted until full.   Learn More »