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Cancer: Good Cells Gone Bad
Assessment: other, Assignment/activity (non-laboratory), Study guide

Human Embryology Animations

The Nuclear Envelope and Human Disease
Journal article/issue

Rough ER Targeting

Using Bioinformatics: Genetic Research: Advanced Course
Animation, Assessment: other, Assignment/activity (non-laboratory), Digital presentation (Powerpoint), Discussion group/listserv, Laboratory exercise, Laboratory manual, Lecture/lecture outline, Lesson plan, Online tool, Short movies, Simulation, Software, Teaching strategies & guidelines, Tutorial, Video

Student-Centered Physiology in High Schools
Journal article/issue, Teaching strategies & guidelines

Inquiry Cubes
Lesson plan

Human Anatomy – SUNY Upstate Medical University
Course syllabus, Database, Image, Laboratory manual, Lecture/lecture outline, Teaching strategies & guidelines, Tutorial

Do You Have What it Takes to Survive? A Lesson on Natural Selection and Evolution
Laboratory exercise

Human Embryology Animations
Animation, Assessment: exam with answer key, Assessment: tool, Online tool, Simulation, Study guide, Tutorial

2013 EB Refresher Course on Immunology Teaching Resources

Nervous system resources for a pre-nursing anatomy & physiology course

Exploring Cell Processes

Mentoring or Working with Students with Disabilities


Kid's Health - How the Body Works

Circulatory System

Endocrine system

Environmental Epigenetics

The Heart: Diseases and Disorders

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Applied Science - Stress

We all deal with stress on a daily basis. Discover with your students the negative effects of stress and how some types of stress can actually be good for you.
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